To the Hottest Spotters Day in town: Hot Blade 2021

During the Hot Blade 2021 (HB2021) two Spotter’s Day will be held, one on June 22 and another on June 28 2021, dedicated to photography and military aviation enthusiasts over 18 years old .

Participation requires preemptive registration and costs 50€/day.

HB2021's Spotter's Day will be held in a safe environment and respecting all the rules of the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health. All participants will carry out a COVID-19 test, at Beja Air Base, whose cost is included in the event's participation fee.  Only participants with a negative test will be accepted.

Aware of the pandemic situation, the participants should preferably form groups (4-10 people), as during the event there will be a specific place to take pictures for each group. They must also maintain a distance of no less than 2 meters between the different groups of participants.


Registrations are limited to 100 participants per day and will be accepted in chronological order of receipt of the respective email.

To register, you must complete this accreditation form and send it by email to: After validation, you will receive a confirmation email with your respective reservation number.

Registration starts at 10 am of June 6 and ends at 8 pm of June 20.

The final list will be released on June 21. Applications are considered officially accepted when they are posted in this page.

The cost of participating in Spotter's Day includes a Spotter Kit, which will be paid at the entrance to Air Base No. 11, in Beja. However, please be aware that it will not be possible to use an ATM, visa or other type of computer system.

Spotter Kit:
Patch HotBlade, Neck Key Holder, Remove Before Flight and a Bag.

The activities will follow the outlined route and will have Public Relations Officers to indicate the itinerary and monitor the entire process.

The use of a reflective vest is mandatory.

Only hats that have a ribbon or other mechanism that allows it to be attached to the body are allowed, which minimize the risk that it may fall inadvertently.

Bearing in mind that it is expected that the participants will be able to travel around 7 km’s at the event and that in view of the high temperatures that tend to be felt in the month of June, the following needs are alerted:

Comfortable and suitable footwear;

During the event, participants will have access to food and drink services. The costs inherent with the purchase of food or other goods during the activities are a participant responsibility.

For operational reasons, the Portuguese Air Force reserves the right to change or suspend the activities foreseen for the HB2021 exercise, in whole or in part, without any liability.

The Portuguese Air Force reserves the right to take photography of the event and respective participants, waiving them, to receive any financial or other consideration, considering both parties that the purpose of these publications, editions and others, are of interest only cultural, promotional and social.

Participation in the event entails acceptance and compliance with the rules described above, as well as respect for the principles, values and military behave, whose non-compliance leads to the immediate termination of Spotters participation in the event, without any compensation or reimbursement, being the act assessed under civil/criminal liability.
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