The Portuguese Air Force carries out the annual exercise Real Thaw 2022 (RT22), between June 26 and July 8, at Air Base No. 11, in Beja.

The Portuguese Air Force is strongly committed to creating an operational environment where participants can conduct a high-level tactical exercise to maximize integration, interoperability, and learning, while continuing to prepare and qualify their forces to fully accomplish the mission and ensure public interest and international missions assigned to it, with maximum security and efficiency.

This multidisciplinary exercise aims to enhance joint training and provide participants with a wide range of tactical missions, with the intention of sharing knowledge, increasing integration, promoting innovation and strengthening ties between NATO partners.



The RT22 makes it possible to assess and certify the Air Force's operational capabilities, and train with NATO allies.

This exercise aims to prepare the Air Force, Navy and Army soldiers, and the participating countries, to act in joint operations, enhancing interoperability between all. RT22 offers participants a unique opportunity to plan and execute missions, with the aim of integrating and synchronizing different domains to solve a tactical problem.

The scenario is only possible due to the spirit of resilience and the commitment of the military and civilians of the Air Force, who continue to fulfill their mission with rigor and quality.



Defensive Counter Air (DCA);
Offensive counter air-Sweep (OCA-Sweep);
Offensive Counter Air-Escort (OCA-Escort);
High value airborne asset protection (HVAA-Protection);
Slow Mover-Protection;
Airlift escort;
Airdrops escort;
Support Special Operations Forces;
NEO Ops;
Air Assault (AA);
Special Operations Aviation (SOA);
Convoy/helicopter escorts;
Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR);
Personnel Recovery (PR);
Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC).






10 x F-16M

2 x AW119

1 x EH-101 Merlin

1 x C-130H


1 x C-295M

1 x P-3C CUP+ Orion




Army Rapid Reaction Brigade

Army Mechanized Brigade

Navy Marines Batallion

Navy SOF


6 x F-16M





1 x E-3F

1 x A330 MRTT





1 x E-3A





5 x EF-2000



18 x F-16CJ

1 x KC-135




During Real Thaw 2022 (RT2022) a Spotter's Day will be held on June 30, 2022, aimed at all photography lovers and military aviation enthusiasts, over 18 years old.

Participation requires registration and costs €40.

See the regulation here.



For all military participants who wish to know and experience the cultural life of Beja, the Portuguese Air Force, responsible for organizing the Real Thaw 2022, and the Alentejo Tourism Promotion Agency, provide several opportunities to visit places close to the N Air Base. 11, in the District of Beja.

Get all the information and application form in the following document: Visit Beja.


2nd Lieutenant Diana Silva +351 911 826 150

E-mail: rp_exercicios@emfa.pt